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Opening Statement

The Problem

Forward Statement

SayNet, Inc., in conjunction with Shared Air Solutions Consultants (SASC), is a company dedicated to developing cost effective and innovative solutions that can be deployed with traditional public health guidance with the goal of fighting COVID-19 and other airborne pathogens using the Multi-Layered Air Defense Strategy. 

Recent scientific studies show that COVID-19 spreads predominantly through the air.  SayNet, Inc. and SASC are pioneers in the applications and use of low-level hydrogen peroxide in gas technology in addition to other emergent technologies used for sanitizing air and surfaces from pathogens that put human lives at risk. By incorporating these technologies to the actual air conditioning units and analyzing air flow and turbulence in buildings, we minimize the risk of infection caused by virus and bacteria.

This safe and proven technology, deployed in innovative ways, is used by numerous institutions and government agencies of the United States including the Armed Forces. SayNet, Inc has extensive experience on the implementation of the technology in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.  In addition, the company advises and assists in obtaining federal and state incentives for the acquisition of equipment to sanitize air and projects to improve infrastructure to minimize virus transmission as well as assist and advise in regulation compliance.


We are confident the well-being and resiliency of the people of Puerto Rico, goals in the public health sector, and economic re-opening will be accomplished by working together to eliminate this common enemy. Together, SayNet, Inc., SASC and the people of Puerto Rico can win this battle by unifying our human capital with the knowledge of our subject matter experts on their different combat disciplines based on scientific evidence.

We look forward to partnering with you to protect the people of Puerto Rico and show that they can lead the Americas in the fight against COVID.

Fighting COVID-19 with a wartime approach

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In the early stages of the COVID-19 disaster, military branches and agencies such as the US Air Force prepared and developed a strategy with a war-time approach in conjunction with engineers, surgeons, and other professionals. This strategy was created based on scientific studies and the combined knowledge of experts on the SARS-CoV-2. The goal of this strategy is simple, reduce contagion and spread by putting in place a series of cross-functional defensive countermeasures that, when implemented together, provide a higher rate of success.

This strategy was aptly named the Multi-Layered Air Defense Strategy (MLADS), and is the result of white papers published in March and April of 2020, culminating in the joint publication between the Air University and Auburn University/McCary Institute as “A Multi‑Layered Air Defense Model to Protect Shared Air in Critical Infrastructure Sectors”. Contributors to this strategy include retired US Air Force Surgeon General Lt. Gen. Dr. PK Carlton, Jr., and co-authors Dr. Nelson and Dr. Ervin. The team has continued to publish their findings and recommendations, including a recent McCary Institute 4 part series on the response of the agricultural sector to the pandemic, of which Dr. Nelson is a co-author.

A key layer of the MLADS is the separation of the pathogen/threat and the people. While easier said than done, advances in technology allow us to combat microscopic threats such as pathogens in the air and surface. A patented technology developed by US Army contractors aids us in such a herculean task by generating a constant stream of low-level hydrogen peroxide in gas. This technology was tested successfully in hospitals and nurseries of neighboring countries where a high mortality rate for newborn babies was ravaging the country. The results were exceptional, reducing mortality rate in infants and resulting in healthy living babies


The MLADS has been adopted by numerous institutions and government agencies to reduce the spread of COVID-19 with outstanding results, dramatically reducing person-to-person transmission, keeping teams healthy and safe.

SayNet, in conjunction with Shared Air Solution Consultants, has successfully implemented the MLADS in multiple locations across Puerto Rico in accordance with health and safety guidelines and regulations, and the guidelines established by Subject Matter Experts.

COVID-19 will end when we fight it together as one community determined to overcome adversity. For this purpose, we include the following proposal.

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