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About the AirSafe Protocol

What technologies are used?


Safe for people and animals

The AirSafe Protocol is safe for people of all ages and pets, using cutting-edge technologies and guidelines that safely and effectively protect your family, team, and clients.


Environment Friendly

Proactively protects from pathogens in the air and surfaces while being safe for the environment. Our AirSafe Protocol uses technologies that are certified and do not use ozone or other harmful chemicals.


Effective and Replicable

Our AirSafe Protocol can be replicated in small buildings or at a large scale in warehouses, shopping malls, and theatres without losing effectiveness.

Are you ready to start implementing the AirSafe Protocol in your business, home, or office? Get in touch today to take the first step and start making a difference that can save lives.

Benefits of the  AirSafe Protocol

Gather current research, analysis & synthesis

The AirSafe Protocol is 100% based on scientific evidence and current CDC guidelines.

Educate the community

As part of our protocol, we develop and distribute multi-media material to educate the community about the dangers of airborne pathogens and how to best counter said dangers.

Integrate current CDC and public health guidelines

Health & Safety guidelines are updated regularly, and we stay up to date so you don't have to.

Execute immediate action to minimize & prevent airborne spread

The AirSafe Protocol provides effective short-term and long-term answers to fight COVID-19 and any other airborne threats.

Optimize balanced control of existing air handling systems

COVID-19 (like all airborne pathogens) is an indoor airborne threat. We scrutinize and audit air-handling systems to provide cost-effective solutions to airborne threats.

Introduce advanced pathogen scavenging technologies

The AirSafe Protocol employs scavenging technologies to locate and terminate threats before these have a chance to harm your family, team, and clients.

Deploy add-on technologies to current air handling systems

Combining photocatalytic and ionization technologies we develop strategies that can be used as an add-on to current HVAC systems or can be installed directly into your existing HVAC system without the need for any major structural work.

Identify and analyze emerging technologies

We are constantly analyzing new and emerging technologies to offer cutting edge solutions, making sure these have been diligently audited to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Integrate protocols into emerging societal macro trends

Social trends evolve daily, part of the AirSafe Protocol involves adapting to these changes in order to save lives from airborne threats through the use of guidelines, technologies, and protocols.

Success stories

Increase occupancy by providing a clean and safe environment that clients want to support. A healthier, safer environment will help stimulate in-person shopping and dining.


Provide security to employees and clients by ensuring they are protected. Reduced infections directly correlates to an increase in attendance by reducing the need for sick days and time off.


The AirSafe Protocol can be implemented into already existing HVAC systems and buildings with no HVAC systems without the need to perform changes on the existing systems or structure.

Cost-effective Solutions

The AirSafe protocol is one of a kind. We work with professionals in the health industry, US Air Force experts in aerodynamics and airflow, and Engineers to provide airtight solutions.

Proven protection you can trust

The AirSafe Protocol provides consumers with indicators on the safety and quality of the indoor environment and tends to eliminate fear in consumers, helping to reactivate the economy and increase sales in the business sector.

Stimulates the economy

Continuous Monitoring (24/7), allows analyzing variables such as carbon dioxide emissions, relative humidity, air circulation, particulate matter and temperature, among others, to make adjustments that reduce the contagion rate with reasonable certainty.

Protected 24/7

With the spread of COVID-19 on the rise, it is important to understand how airborne pathogens work and how they spread. This information is the key to reducing spread and contagion rates.

By understanding and thoroughly studying viral behavior and spread, our team has helped develop and implement strategies proven to work at minimizing contagion, keeping employees and clients safe. COVID-19 is an indoor air threat, thus closed spaces pose the highest risk. With over 55 years of experience, our partners employ aerodynamic experts with US Air Force experience in conjunction with engineers, infectious disease specialists, doctors, and technicians to analyze and solve critical challenges to save lives.

There is not one single solution that will solve every single challenge posed by COVID-19 and future pathogens, this is why a multi layered approach is so important. Instead of relying on one solution, the AirSafe Protocol uses a variety of "layers" to maximize the effectiveness of the protocol.

Think of each step of the protocol as sheets of paper with holes. If you combine them, the chances of two holes landing on the same place are low. Now imagine 9 sheets of paper, this is the multilayered approach used by the AirSafe Protocol to minimize contagion of COVID-19 and other airborne pathogens.

What is the AirSafe Protocol

Built with safety in mind

As part of the AirSafe Protocol we study and analyze many air scrubbing devices. Many of these devices employ technologies that are not very effective, or are harmful to humans and pets alike. The AirSafe Protocol is designed for continuous use in occupied spaces, to achieve this we use state-of-the-art technologies that effectively scavenge pathogens in the air and surfaces.

The technologies used with the AirSafe Protocol are guaranteed to be safe for children, the elderly, and pets. We do not endorse or use ozone or harmful chemicals that are proven to cause damage to the skin, organ tissue, or eyes. In order to provide a healthy and safe environment, the AirSafe Protocol uses technologies that use hydrogen peroxide which is effective and safe. All devices used by the AirSafe Protocol produce up to 0.2% parts per million (PPM) of hydrogen peroxide to safely terminate harmful pathogens.

These technologies have been successfully implemented in the US Pentagon, US White House, and many other government agencies & institutions in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Certified for Excellence

Every aspect of the AirSafe Protocol is certified and tested by independent studies and laboratory reports. The technologies used by the AirSafe Protocol provide a combination of HEPA, UVC, and Ionization, and are easily integrated into existing HVAC systems and spaces with no existing HVAC system, seamlessly protecting your team, clients, and family. 


Reinforce the trust your team and clients place in your organization or business by providing them with the peace of mind of a safe environment with clean and pure air. Our team is dedicated to provide the right solution for you.

Implementing AirSafe

The first step that must be taken in orden to implement the AirSafe Protocol is to get in touch with the PRLLA team or one of the associated brands that best fits your business or organization. 

What will you need?

In order to determine the right solution for you we will require the following:

Floorplan or


This is used to find the right solution that best fits your needs based on the square footage of your office or building.


In lieu of office or building blueprints, we can use the cubic square measurements if available.



Tell us of any existing measures, protocols, or HVAC systems that are being used by your team.

Operational Experience

Our partners have the experience to guarantee excellence with every project.

Performance & Trust

Meet and exceed your clean air needs in indoor closed spaces with cutting-edge technologies and procedures.

Unmatched Technology

The AirSafe Protocol utilizes the top performing technologies and most effective procedures to ensure clean air with every breath.

Measurable Results

Our protocol is based on certified and scientifically proven practices and technologies and is designed to get measurable results.

How to get started

Who is using a multilayered
strategy to fight COVID-19?

Multilayered defense strategies or protocols have been successfully implemented in the United States Pentagon and US Air Force military bases such as Maxwell and Lackland. In addition, restaurants, bars, temples, churches, hospitals, and medical offices in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic are currently using the AirSafe protocol to stimulate protect people and save lives while stimulating the economy.

Who is using a multilayered strategy to fight COVID-19?
AirSafe Certification

Help clients and team members return to in-person activities with the peace of mind the AirSafe Certification can bring. The AirSafe Certification seal shows clients, team members, and visitors that their safety is a priority.

The AirSafe Certification will show that an independent study was conducted to certify your organization has taken important steps to reduce the risk of infection from COVID-19 and other pathogens.

Take the first steps towards acquiring the AirSafe Certification by getting in touch to start the certification process. With the AirSafe Certification you can enjoy benefits like increased occupancy, state and federal financial assistance, and much more. Enjoy the benefits AirSafe can offer by starting your application today!

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