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We welcome everyone to take action in order to help communities improve the air they breathe. By accepting donations, we ensure critically vulnerable sectors are protected against COVID-19 and future airborne threats.

Currently, we are accepting monetary donations and cryptocurrency (BitCoin). Our team of certified public accountants puts transparency first, making sure donations are used efficiently.

What is being done

As part of our efforts to make clean and healthy air accesible, we collaborate with multiple organizations to provide cutting edge protocols and technologies to critically vulnerable sectors of society like schools, nurseries, and more. 

These technologies and procedures take an immense amount of time and resources to implement, resources which many of the most vulnerable have no realistic means to obtain. We develop strategies and campaigns that help raise funds to guarantee the safety of communities affected by airborne pathogens in order to help preserve life. In addition, we help organizations secure federal and state funding in order to implement these technologies and protocols to the fullest extent.

Need proof?

Our partners at BonAir have made available all of the studies performed, in addition to other important information regarding the spread of airborne diseases and how to best counter them. You can visit the link below to review these studies and see what makes this technology so effective. Alternatively, the second button will take you directly to the United States Air Force Strategic White Paper published in July of 2020.


Note: You will receive a confirmation with a link to initiate the process of donation online.

Puerto Rico Leads las Americas, Inc.

Fundación para La Prevención del Parto Prematuro y el Coronavirus, Inc.

Symphonic Dream Foundation, Inc.

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