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How can I help?


We welcome everyone to take action in order to help communities improve the air they breathe. By accepting donations, we ensure critically vulnerable sectors are protected against COVID-19 and future airborne threats.

Currently, we are accepting monetary donations and cryptocurrency (BitCoin). Our team of certified public accountants puts transparency first, making sure donations are used efficiently.

Help protect the lives of children

With your donation, you are directly helping the vulnerable members of our communities. Donations towards this campaign will help us deploy a series of low level hydrogen peroxide generators in every classroom in order to protect students and teachers during this back to school season and beyond.

What is being done to help?

In collaboration with SayNet, Shared Air Solutions Consultants, and BonAir, we have performed studies and tests to determine what are the sections with the highest risk. In order to protect students and teachers in these high-risk sections, a series of measures must be implemented. Your donation will help fund the implementation of CIMR technology in every classroom and common area.

Help protect the lives of the most vulnerable and important members of our society: the children. 

The team and collaborators of the PRLLA movement have teamed up with the Colegio San Antonio organization to help protect the children that are coming back to school this 2021.

Coming Soon

Additional campaigns coming soon.

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A full school year with 0 COVID contagions in the Colegio San Antonio de Padua.

Together we achieved a full school year with no COVID spread.

Congratulations, we made it!